Friday, January 22, 2010

Mystery solved

Mystery at the HQ Solved!

Two of the three new Coding Rangers have been identified in class. From first impression, one looked a lot friendlier than the other, but yours truly is trying not to be judgmental because the wind blew the wrong way on her face when she was pouting. Could've happened the same to the other dude.

Coding Styles

The Coding Rangers had their first (informal) meeting last Thursday to decide on the most basic coding styles. We agreed on most topics without trouble, like tabbing instead of spacing and placing the opening curly bracket on the same line as the condition or function that opened it. (I like Cindy Laurin's style of placing the opening moustache on the next line by itself. I think it looks neater, but I was defeated in this discussion.)

My professors have tried to sell students on their preferences. Last semester, a classmate lost marks in an assignment for using spacing. Mark Fernandes told her to use tabs. Now Fardad Soleimanloo is telling us to use spacing. (I think his argument is that the length of tabs differ between editors.) Anthony Austin wants everyone to use vi and ssh. Use ftp or telnet and you're going to find "YOU R OWN3D" in your home directory. (He's pretty darn serious. He spent 10 minutes on the topic.)

I've personally made up my mind to use vi and do 2-space tabs for programs and spaces for html.

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