Thursday, October 7, 2010

Game programming with open source tools

Remember trying to create games with Flash? No? Neither do I. I couldn't be bothered to pay for the tools I needed. But that's okay because it's now possible to code games for the web using free tools like Processing.js and C3DL. You don't have to pay $$$ to be the game programmer you want to be. You just need a bit of patience and dedication.

Level Up: An OpenWeb Game Jam is a tutorial/hack session happening right before the Free Software and Open Source Symposium (FSOSS) 2010 on October 27 at the Seneca@York. Think of it as a one-day sprint of learning new languages. In the morning, you attend the tutorials and the in the afternoon you get to try out what you've learned. Yes, you get to code your own game!

When you really think about it, why learn a new language by yourself when you can have fun, socialize (network, maybe?), and learn with others?

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Some html5 games that you can while away time with:
Chain Reaction - Advanced -
HTML5 Games -

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